Broadening the O Nutricia Brand

by Licia Tavares | Apr 28, 2021


New O Nutricia Branding



O Nutricia is the recognised and trusted collagen brand since 2013. As pioneers of collagen in South Africa the target audience has changed since the brand first launched. More people are now becoming aware that they can benefit from taking collagen on a daily basis. In fact from the age of 25 daily collagen can enhance and nourish your body at cellular level – and it’s not only for woman, collagen provides many health and beauty benefits for men too. That’s why we recently rebranded our packaging to provide you with a unisex product that resembles our “zero additives” brand philosophy – zero wheat and gluten, zero E numbers, zero soya, zero sugar, zero fillers … zero additives, just 100% pure collagen in every scoop or capsule.

“We have poured our hearts and souls into creating a new image that would accurately depict who we are. The updates show the evolution of our company since its founding in 2013.

The process of rebranding is so important and has enabled an entire relook at what we are offering to the public. When a brand has put in the work, reassessed values, realigned messaging, and redesigned a visual identity to match, the result is powerful.”

While considering various creative options, the O Nutricia colours have emerged into a tranquil shade of sage. This versatile colour, which is defined by its greyish, silvery undertones, puts an elegant twist on the traditional greens, lending itself to a calming and soothing identity. The new packaging is clean, new, minimalistic, elegant, luxe and unisex. The new circular icon signifies connectivity, community, and trust and forms part of tree rings or growth rings. As we seek to grow we need to strengthen our roots. Growth rings through many years symbolize strength and fortitude.

O Nutricia represents and provides balance, flexibility and strength.While there is a significant change in the brand’s Look and Feel, the high-quality top-performing product remains exactly the same.

O Nutricia is the ideal product for all aspects of health, energy and wellness. The powder is so easy to use. Perfect for adding to your morning coffee or overnight oats, it dissolves easily with no added flavour so your taste buds won’t even notice the nutrition upgrade. It boasts 9 grams of pure protein per serving and 10 000 mg (10 g) of pure collagen.

For further convenience, 1140 mg of clean collagen is available in capsule form, with Vitamin C added to further enhance the uptake of the collagen.

For best results, both products can be used as they work synergistically for excellent results.

With collagen application in both health and beauty areas, O Nutricia has expanded from wellness into the beauty industry embracing beauty, health, nutrition – and blending these together for integrative living.

And, of course, the environmental consciousness and concern that has grown over the past years has made it important to consider packaging as well, ensuring that the look and positioning of the brand reflected not only the various applications and uses in a changing marketplace but also the important greening that is the way forward in an environmentally conscious world. In July 2019 we launched environmentally friendly packaging in the form of a paper recyclable tub. We endeavour to continue finding ways to reduce our plastic footprint.