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O Nutricia Collagen
O Nutricia collagen helps plump the outer layer of your skin naturally, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and other flaws. Hair is improved by replenishing the hair follicles with collagen. Cartilage is regenerated by stimulating chondrocytes. Stimulating osteoblasts, improves bone density. Collagen contains Proline and Glycine, that can help repair damaged cells in the intestinal wall. Our collagen contains high levels of the amino acids glycine, hydroxyproline, proline and arginine. This very specific composition of amino-acids provides O Nutricia Collagen with nutri-functional properties that cannot be found in other proteins sources. As peptides are of nano size, they can easily pass through the intestinal wall and accumulate in the blood after only 15 minutes, distributing to the connective tissue stimulating endogenous collagen synthesis.


500g = 50 servings Best VALUE for money in SA

One scoop dosage = 10 000mg

No e –numbers

100 % Bovine, no porcine

Suitable for Paleo and Banting

18 amino acids, of which are essential

Free from gluten, wheat, soya, GMO and all forms of sugar

Pure Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides

Bioavailability is the best

Odourless and flavourless, perfect to add to almost anything

Raw material imported from Brazil is certified Halaal (at source)

O Nutricia Collagen + Vit C capsules
O Nutricia + Vit C is a premium nutricosmetic, formulated to rejuvenate and revitalize skin cells by increasing collagen levels, thereby rebuilding the skin matrix.  Vit C is an essential vitamin, needed by the human body for the growth and repair of tissue cells, and assists in the biosynthesis of collagen.  O Nutricia Collagen + Vit C can help plump the outer layer of your skin naturally, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and other flaws, ease joint and bone pain, strengthen nails and hair, maintain and build muscle, heal the gut and detox the liver.  Whilst our body produces sufficient amounts of amino acids, during times of stress or sickness these levels drop and so supplementation is essential.



Collagen On the go

Perfect to carry in your handbag

Great for those holiday travels

90 capsules = one month supply

Additive and colourant free

Suitable for halaal and diabetic diets

Suitable for Paleo and Banting


Our SparkleON Masks – Stay safe while doing it with style!

100% Polyester reusable masks are comfy and stretchy. We literally have a whole collection of masks to match every outfit. Our masks are comfort lined – a smooth strip is placed over the seam line making it extra comfortable to wear.  No elastic bands, No pulling on the ears and No falling off the face. They are cut in such a way that the fabric itself loops around the ears. They snug beautifully around your face.



100% Polyester reusable mask


Small 58 – 61 cm
Medium 62 – 66 cm
Large 67 – 71 cm
Extra Large 72 – 75 cm

Size Guide 


You will need:

A piece of string.
A  measuring tape.

How to measure:

Wrap the piece of string from under your chin, around your ears and over the nose.
Measure from the one point to the other using a  tape measure.
Use the measurement guide to refer to Find your ideal Sparkle ON fit!